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Our practice specializes in general, prosthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry such as composite fillings, minimally invasive dentistry, porcelain veneers, dentures, dental implants, hybrid dentures, and crowns. Utilizing the finest materials, elite ceramists, and highly respected medical and dental specialists, we provide the highest quality care and artistic dentistry.


Keeping with the long tradition of this practice, Dr. Thomas McCabe wants to provide you with the finest dentistry possible and to be the designer and architect of your mouth. Understanding how the unique combination of your teeth, chewing movements, muscles, jaw joints, and aesthetics all work together along with using top materials – allows us to provide you with functional, individualized, and cosmetic dentistry.


In today’s world, it is incredibly demanding and difficult for a prospective patient to educate herself or himself about choosing a dentist. We have committed our practice to provide our patients with dentistry that achieves the highest level of function, comfort, health, and longevity.

This is all done by working with a team of dental and medical professionals and specialists who we work with on a daily basis. All of these professionals have elite academic, scientific, technical, artistic and interpersonal skills – excellence is not negotiable.


Our office takes our practice and profession seriously. We will treat you with respect, dignity, and compassion. We will be upfront and honest with you about your condition, outlook, and all the options available for you. Your treatment options will be based on research and studies with a combination of historically proven techniques and state-of-the-art cutting edge technology.


Our practice will provide treatment to you in comfort. Sadly, this means you will not get freshly baked chocolate cookies, organic snacks, or a foot massage here. We think those should be reserved for a delightful day at the spa. At our practice you will receive individualize attention of the highest-level by Dr. McCabe.

We have committed our practice to provide our patients with dentistry that achieves the highest level of function, comfort, health, and longevity.




What makes a hygiene appointment distinct at Dr. Thomas McCabe practice is the quality time we dedicate to each of our patients. Dr. McCabe and the hygiene team give every patient the time they deserve, providing valuable education on the importance of oral health, comprehensive exams, and thorough cleanings, which cannot be achieved with the “rush in, rush out” appointments which is seen too often.


Dr. McCabe strives to offer you the most recent dental technology to provide you care in comfort and also save you time and money in the dental chair. Our three experienced dental hygienists are dedicated and trained for patient comfort and treating all levels of gum disease with state-of-the-art technology including lower dose digital X-rays, reducing the amount of radiation exposure by nearly 90%. We do this by using an advanced sensor that connects to the computer, which can display the X-ray picture on the screen right in front of you! This is something which normal X-ray fills are unable to do.


In this same hygiene appointment we also monitor conditions that could be a potential problem to your general health and also perform a detailed head/neck/oral cancer screening using palpation and visual analysis.  LEARN MORE



Gum disease, also known as gingivitis or periodontal disease, is when the gums surrounding your teeth has an infection. Gum disease is virtually pain-free and many patients have no idea that they have it, which is why gum disease is one of the top reasons for tooth loss in adults. During your hygiene appointment, Dr. McCabe will check for all the signs of periodontal disease by measuring the amount of your gums attached to your teeth.


The buildup of plaque and bacteria on your teeth is what causes gum disease. If this plaque and bacteria is not removed from brushing, flossing, waterpik, and dental checkups, it can infect and damage the gums.


Periodontal disease infects the gums just below the gum line where a toothbrush and floss is not able to get. Gum disease then creates small pockets around your tooth that separates the gums – which could result in your tooth getting loose or mobile and possibly needing to be removed. Through proper home care and a root scaling and planning procedure, periodontitis can be maintained and we can help you keep your teeth for a lifetime.




If you are embarrassed by old silver (amalgam) fillings or need to repair a chipped, fractured, broken, or decayed tooth, you should consider composite fillings. A composite filling is a tooth-colored filling that is bonded in to restore your teeth. Lots of people prefer composite fillings because they blend in beautifully with their natural teeth making it almost impossible to detect.


Tooth colored fillings are bonded to the tooth, which can help support a tooth that was weakened from decay, or a crack. These composite fillings also look like your natural tooth making them very aesthetic unlike old silver fillings. Composite fillings can repair broke, worn, or chipped teeth, in addition to filling cavities.


Many people prefer composite fillings, which appear like natural teeth unlike the metal or silver fillings. Dr. McCabe will expertly match the composite filling to your regular teeth, which will give you the most natural result that you desire.



A crown is a restoration that repairs a tooth that has been damaged so badly that a filling will no longer be able to repair the tooth. A filling fits inside the tooth where the cavity was and a veneer is bonded to the outer surface of a tooth, but a dental crown covers the entire outside of the tooth like a helmet, cap, or thimble.


The use of a crown is needed when a cavity is too large for a filling. A dental crown also strengthens a tooth that has been weakened by large chips or fractures or after a root canal. Sometimes crowns are used for cosmetic reasons to hide imperfections like misshapen or discolored teeth. A crown fits tightly along the gum line completely covering the tooth that shows above the gums. After the crown is firmly cemented in, it functions and looks like a natural tooth. LEARN MORE



A bridge can be used to replace missing teeth, which will help take stress off of your bite and maintain the shape of your face. By using artificial teeth that look natural a bridge replaces missing teeth.


The success of a bridge depends on the gums, bone, and the other teeth, all of which makes up the foundation of the bridge. So, it is very important to keep your gums, jaw, and existing teeth healthy.


Commonly a dental bridge consists of a pontic (artificial tooth) with two dental crowns on either side, which holds the fake tooth in place above the gums. The bridge is fixed and anchored to the teeth so it doesn’t need to be removed at night. LEARN MORE



Dentures are a good solution when you are missing all of your teeth on your top, bottom, or both jaws. Our patients frequently ask if dentures are a good solution for their specific needs. As with any dental solution, there are many pros and cons to dentures and we need to determine your goals for the functionality, appearance of your smile, and your lifestyle to see if or wearing a denture will work for you. LEARN MORE


Complete Dentures

Complete dentures can replace your teeth when all of them are missing. This is the type of denture that usually comes to mind when thinking of a grandparent with false teeth. With the advancements in recent technology dentures are becoming more comfortable and natural looking than ever. Even with these great advancements a denture is still not the same as your natural teeth, but all of our dentures are custom made for you and your personality.


Partial Dentures

If there are only a few of your natural teeth are missing; partial dentures could be a good solution for replacing those teeth. If you have natural teeth still present, you cannot wear a full set of dentures, so a partial set of dentures is needed. Unlike dentures, these partial dentures are held in place by a metal framework covered by a plastic base that is the same color as your gums, which holds onto your natural teeth. These partial dentures do have to be removed every night, but are a great affordable option to replace multiple missing teeth.



A natural tooth consists of a crown above the gums and a root below the gums. If you compare a natural tooth to an implant, you’ll notice they have many of the same basic parts. Both have a crown - the part you can see above the gums, which is used to chew food. Both have a root – the part that is below the gums which is anchored into the jaw to hold the tooth securely in place. The difference is that the implant is made of titanium — the same material time-tested used for artificial joints. When a tooth is lost, you lose both the crown and root. To replace the tooth, we first need to replace the root with a dental implant.


After the implant is placed we must give the bone time to heal and grow around the dental implant. After the bone has healed a support post (also called an abutment) is placed on the implant and this will create a strong foundation for the fake tooth (crown). If your missing all of your teeth, there are multiple options available for implants to help support replacement teeth giving you your confidence and smile back.


The number of dental implants needed depends upon the number of teeth being replaced and is different for each situation. Dental implants are also useful for patients that can't wear dentures but have tried unsuccessfully. Patients in Newton and Wichita that have lost one tooth, multiple teeth, or all their teeth can also make good candidates. In all cases, our patients have to commit to great oral hygiene to keep the implant healthy, by flossing and brushing daily. LEARN MORE




All procedures and treatment we do is designed specifically for you. As every person has a different idea of what “beautiful” is, each of the pictures of patients shown on this website (LINK to Tx section) has crowns, composite fillings, and veneers with variations in contour, surface texture, translucency, brightness, and characterization based on each individual patient’s preferences and personality. Instead of a standard rubber stamp look, we strive to make all treatment “uniquely your own”.


 Another artful aspect of dentistry is achieving an aesthetic goal with the least amount of drilling or invasiveness. Many dentists with less training or experience will be too aggressive and drill away more valuable tooth structure than necessary.  Dr. Thomas McCabe strives to minimize removing anymore tooth then necessary utilizing the very conservative techniques of non-prep or low-prep veneers.


Our patients come from throughout Kansas and the mid-west including Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Colorado, seeking the expert treatment talents and comprehensive approach offered by Dr. McCabe. Some of these clients come to improve their smile, others to restore their teeth to health and full function, and many others come to our practice to have existing dentistry upgraded or redone.


 A healthy beautiful functioning smile is an essential component of wellness and health. Our smile says something about who we are. Our smile communicates in every language and invites people to care, to trust, and to love us.

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